Veriff API documentation version v1{version}


2018-10-15: Added vendorData to session request and decision notification's response.
2018-08-16: Added document country to decision notification's response.
2018-05-21: Added nationality key to decision notification's response.
2018-05-14: Added dateOfBirth and gender keys to decision notification's response.
2018-05-04: Veriff will reserve the right to append new data structures to responses of our routes and payloads of our webhooks should the need arise.

  1. Vendor must hold information of the customer's e-mail address and ensure the customer’s user account can be associated with the real person who initiates the identification process.
  2. Vendor must request from Veriff the API KEY and API SECRET in order to make API requests. The credentials must be kept safe and not be published to 3rd parties.
Lifecycle of a verification

alt text

After the decision notification has been received the /media endpoint can be used to download the session related media.

Browser SDK

Veriff provides browser SDK, source code and implementation details can be found at